Our Training

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Our members go through extensive training year round. Training guidelines are provided by the Canadian Coast Guard Auxiliary and is complimented by the experience of senior PARA members. Our training is comprehensive, ranging from basic seamanship to shipboard evolutions of towing and navigation.  Our training department organizes training sessions to refine our skills in:

  • Communications and Logs
  • Personal Equipment and Safety
  • Navigation Basics and Advanced including electronic navigation
  • Marine First Aid and CPR
  • Towing Evolutions
  • Dewatering and Damage Control
  • Person in the Water / Overboard
  • Anchoring and Sea Anchoring
  • Helicopter and Aircraft Operations
  • Search Patterns
  • Collision Regulations (Rules of the Road)
  • Marine Weather

The training  is executed on shore at various locations in Durham Region and on Lake Ontario onboard PARU. Training is also conducted with our SAR partners including Durham Regional Police Marine Units, Toronto Police Marine Units, Department of National Defence (DND),  Canadian Coast Guard (CCG) and other CCG Auxiliary units on the lake.

Furthermore, we maintain active participation in the local Canadian Power Squadrons (CPS) and encourage our members to leverage those training programs in VHF Radio Communications and Seamanship.